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From "Gal Binderman" <>
Subject iPlanet + tomcat integration
Date Tue, 28 May 2002 17:32:55 GMT
Hello all.

I'm trying to integrate tomcat with iPlanet web server.
My final destination is to cause the iPlanet get .jsp request from a client, forwarding it
to tomcat (running
on the same machine), let the tomcat execute it and getting back the results to the client,
all that transparent
to the client (meaning that I don't want him to know there is a tomcat by being redirected
or something...)
I want ther iPlanet to transfer JSP requests to the tomcat AJP12 connector, listening port
8007 (I don't want other connectors and the tomcat listener to run). I also want the tomcat
to run as an out of process from iPlanet (but I do want to make iPlanet to start the connector...)

I have found a lot source codes, binaries, questions and documentation about this subjects,
but it seems that
none of them is clear enough to apply.

Is there anyone who has been able to use that configuration and can provide some kind of clear
"step-by-step" guide?
What to download, versions, how to compile/install, how to configure, how to test, etc?
Is this configuration even possible?

Here are the details:
	Solaris 8.0 O/S running on a SPARC machine (U10, 256MB memory).
	JDK 1.3 (from SUN)
	ANT latest (from apache)
	iPlanet web server 4.1 SP2
	$JAVA_HOME, $JAKARTA_HOME, ANT_HOME are set properly

Have tried the following layouts:
	tomcat 4.0.3 binary and source
	tomcat 3.3.1 binary and source
	tomcat connectors 4.0.2-01 from source from apache web site (compiled for solaris 2.6)
I can install and run tomcat on port 8080, and run JSPs when accessing it (from source)
When I install from source, the AJP12+AJP13 connectors are listening on ports 8007 and 8008
by defaults (from source)
I've tried to edit the default to match my system.
I've tried to compile my own (no success)
I've tried to compile my own AJP12 connector (no success)

I've managed, after installing tomcat from source and starting it (with AJP12 listener) +
putting the
under iPlanet + configuring obj.cong + disabling the iPlanet built in servlet engine for that
web server, to get the AJP12 listener
to start and write logfile. When I start the web server, it also initializes some information
about the connector.
However, when trying to go to <webserver/examples> - I don't get any response from tomcat
(the obj.cong contains
redirection to the listener for that virtual directory).

Any idea?

              Gal Binderman.

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