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Subject Newbie Alert! - including a a JavaScript src file in a servlet
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 17:13:07 GMT
Hopefully this is the correct forum to post a question such as this:

I have a servlet in which I would like to write out some script tags to
indlude a JavaScript src file in the outputted HTML.
My application is in /ROOT/WEB-INF/class/code_lib, the .js file
(code_lib.js) I would like to include is within this directory as well, and
I am trying to include it this way:

out.println("<script language=\"JavaScript\" src=\"code_lib.js\">");

So, in the resulting html we have "<html><head><script langauge =
"JavaScript" src="code_lib.js"></script></head>...

When I run the servlet the generated page cannot find the .js file. Where
should I put files I want to include in the outputted html (such as .js and
.css files)? Can this even be done?


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