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From puneet sachar <>
Subject PLZ HELP Administration TC 4.0.3
Date Sun, 19 May 2002 17:41:50 GMT

Listen i got few peoblem in administrating Tomcat

Can u help me ...plz guide me ..

Here follows the queries

1) Difference b/w Tomcat_HOME and CATALINA_HOME and

1.1)IS CATALINA_BASE is something related to different
context in a single container?

2)    what is ANT_HOME ?
2.1) Do we have to install something additional to
tomcat ? (apart jdk.13.x series)

2.2) What are u doing at ur place with Tomact 3.x
series ?

3) where is httpd.conf/tomcat.conf file ?

4) Where to add new context in tomcat?

5) what to write in build.xml and it is needed to
amend that file?
what exactly this build.xml file do?
is it necessary to have web.xml in each context and
what its function?

6) LIKE expample directory in webapps i want to have
my own context i don't want to keep my files in
root directory directly and i want to have different
packages and what i'll do if i want to comunicate b/w
the 2 context. (i tried by making common .jar file and
tell u its not working )

Puneet Sachar

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