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From puneet sachar <>
Subject Tomcat 4.03
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 17:36:38 GMT
Hi ,

thanx a lot for ur suppport 

Actually i was using tomcat for a while, but i always
use to get things ready made for me , now i want to do
administration myself ..

Tell me 

1) I have set TOMCAT_HOME as d:\TOMCAT4.0 (the
directory where i have installed tomcat and added the
jar files in autoexec.bat (I'm With WIN Me version )
do ia hev to add CATLINA_HOME also 
and what should i write in that .

2) Explain what you mean by these lines written in

"There are two techniques by which Tomcat 4.0 can be

* Via an environment variable:
  - Set an environment variable CATALINA_HOME to the
path of the directory
    into which you have installed Tomcat 4.0.
  - Execute the shell command:

what % mean here , 

3) what is CATALINA_BASE  and where we use this ...?

4)do we have to make web.xml everytime we made a new
application say i have one application name
bank_payment and in there all my programming in sub
packages and all 
i) where do i placed my new web.xml file , if it is
needed to creat and what all we write in web.xml
(As all packages like examples ,manager have their own
web-INF directory and web.xml)
it means we have to make these files explictly 

5) then what abt EJB where we keep thoes  

6) And beans will be simple java classes so they will
be place smae where ur servlest files are?

7)where do i place .xml files if i want to use xml in
my project in place of HTML and what abt the DTD where
we place them .

8) IS it possible we have 2 application and say both
have index.html 
a) when we write http://localhost:8080 (Enter) -- we
get application  correspondion to it
b) and http://localhost:8081 (enter)- we second
application's index.html

Means just by changing the port address i have 2
application running on same instance 
and can call the 2nd application through 1st.

Puneet Sachar

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