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Subject Re: JSP + Bean Bug and/or question
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 06:25:01 GMT
Subject: Re: JSP + Bean Bug and/or question
From: Milind Nirgun <>

Posting some sample of your bean code might help us in finding a solution 
to your problem. Writing a connect method in a bean should not be a problem 
at all.


Frederick Aubert wrote:

> PS: I am resending something I sent earlier for I never got anything from
> the list telling me my message was received. So I suppose it must have got
> lost. If you shall receive this twice, I apologize...
> Hi,
> My questions will look pretty stupid to the experts, so to avoid bugging
> everyone on this list, Iıd suggest that if you want to answer them, you
> can address me directly at
> I tried to build an html form linked via JSP to a Java Bean. I then tried
> to access the object instantiated from the field values obtained from the
> form. Everything went fine as long as I kept using associated get/set
> methods. I then tried to add a new method ³connect² to my bean, just to
> keep things simple I made this method not taking any parameter not
> returning anything and not doing any computation, but as soon as I tried
> to call it it launched a bunch of exceptions and errors. Any idea? Is it
> forbidden to add such method to a bean?
> I also tried to create some multiple selection box (ie. You have a box of
> given values, where the user can pick any number 0-max). I then tried to
> get XXX parameter back using the automated conversion into a bean with
> property XXX being of type java.util.Set, but I found myself stuck when I
> have to implement the setXXX method. How can I achieve this multiple
> arguments recuperation?
> Thanks, Frederick
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