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From "Emerson Cargnin - MSA" <>
Subject Re: Where is catalina-ant.jar file?
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 16:56:32 GMT
i'm using reload task of catalina-ant.jar and doing the context deletion and
unwar  through ant tasks (before reloading, of course). Beyond that, i use
Ant 1.5b new element Condition-http so I can see if tomcat is started,
otherwise you will get a error when trying to reload tomcat.

here goes the task:

   <!-- Deploy para tomcat -->
   <target name="testTomcat" depends="deployjboss" >
     <condition property="tomcat.started">
   <!-- http url="${tomcat.url}"/ -->
  <socket server="localhost" port="8000"/>
   <echo message="testando se tomcat esta no ar"/>

   <target name="deploytomcat" depends="deployjboss" >
   <delete includeEmptyDirs="true"  failonerror="false">
       <fileset dir="${tomcat.deploy.dir}/${tomcat.path}" />
   <echo message="Undeploy tomcat app"/>
   <unwar src="${dist.dir}/${name}-web.war"
dest="${tomcat.deploy.dir}/${tomcat.path}" />
   <echo message="descompactou app web"/>

   <target name="reloadtomcat" depends="deploytomcat,testTomcat"
if="tomcat.started" >
   <echo message="tomcat no ar : recarregando app"/>
   <reload  url="${tomcat.url}" username="${tomcat.username}"
   <echo message="web app recarregando"/>

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