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From John Niven <>
Subject RE: reloading with ant
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 15:07:59 GMT
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> From: Marc Logemann [] 
> Sent: 22 May 2002 15:03
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> Subject: reloading with ant
> Hi,
> i just wanna ask if the following scenario is the best for 
> re-deploying WARs:
> I am doing my build task with ant and transfer the WAR file 
> of my application into the webapps folder of tomcat. Then i 
> do a GET task with ant in order to re-deploy it, exacltly i 
> would do a MANAGER REMOVE and MANAGER INSTALL with ant. I 
> could delete the existing appfolder before i do install, but 
> it should be the same.
> Are there any better routines for automatic re-deploy or hot-deploy? 
> Of course in order to do a manager remoce or manager install, 
> i have to edit the web.xml of the manager app in order not to 
> come up with basic http authentication or?
> I am quite sure that there must be tons of developers which 
> solved this problem cause the ANT-Tomcat workflow seems very common :)


Have you looked at the sample build.xml that comes with the sample webapp
with Tomcat?  I merged that with the catalina-ant tasks (using the Ant
script snippets in the manager-app howto) to create a generic build file
that I use for most web-app development.

Now I can deploy and remove my web-app during a build.  I also use a "list"
task just so I'm sure my web-app has been deployed!

I'd recommend you start by looking at these two files and seeing if you can
extend them to suit your needs.  If you're still having problems, let me
know, and I'll post "my" build.xml ("mine", in that I did the


John Niven
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