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From Dmitri Lysenko <>
Subject java.lang.VerifyError while using struts with Tomcat 4.0.x
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 00:28:05 GMT

I'm using tomcat 4.0.3 integrated with JBoss 2.4.4 (they run in the same 
JVM).  Struts framework is used to handle the presentation logic. 
This combination works fine with Tomcat 3.x. 
However after I upgrated to the Tomcat 4.0.3 I'm experiencing the 
java.lang.VerifyError (Incompartible argument for a function) while the 
ActionServlet instanciates some action classes.  I'm sure that the problem 
caused by the changes in the tomcat's classloader. I had the situation when 
the class with the same name is accessible by two different classloaders. I 
found out that the problem appears if the class is loaded by the classloader 
that's different with the one that the current thread uses. In this situation 
I had this VerifyError. I was able to resolve the problem by eliminating the 
class duplication, now I have no two same classes that are placed in the
different jars. However the question is why this error appears? The situation 
that I had when the same class is accessible by multiple class loaders is not 
prohibited by the Java language. I'm wondering what classloader contraint was 

To fix the problem I have to use the jar's packaging that's not very 
convenient for me. So I appreciate any help that allows me to resolve this 
problem in better way.

Dmitri Lyssenko,

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