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From "Abraham Fathman" <>
Subject RE: publishing Tomcat-Servlet twice under different URLs
Date Sun, 05 May 2002 04:30:37 GMT

I am not certain I understand your problem but I'll do my best to answer

If you want a single servlet accessible from to url's you can add two
<servlet-mapping> entries in your web.xml file. This will allow two
different requests to excecute the same servlet.

Also, because of srv.3.6 in the servlet spec when using mod_webapp the
whole webapp will be deployed for each domain. This means if you have
any static variables in the servlet each servername will have it's own
instance of these (each deployed webapp has it's own classloader).
Because of this you might just want to consider doing this with two warp
connections, as you mentioned...

Hope this helps,

-----Original Message-----
From: B├╝hrle, Martin, FCI1 [] 
Sent: Saturday, May 04, 2002 1:17 PM
To: ''
Subject: publishing Tomcat-Servlet twice under different URLs

Hi List,

I am looking for a solution to protect one of our two 
content-areas within one unique  sevlet -installation
(OPENCMS-CMS-system) ,

publishing the two content-areas with Tomcat 4.0.1, WARP-Connector,
Apache 1.3.x 
under the following URLs (use of DNS-CNAME-Configuration and Apache
1) <servername1>/opencms/opencms/eads-ww/ge_eadsportal/index.html
(restricted area)
We restricted the access to the area 2) by using simple IP-based
AccessControl from Apache 1.3.x, 
but anyway external users could see the internal content of area 2) 
by simply using the address-combination 
because  the content of both areas is stored within one 
unique database in the same OPENCMS-instance  (Tomcat-Servlet) .
Although I know, that I would have a chance with two WARP-Connections,
each for one of the virtual Apache-hosts, and two different
OpenCMS-Servlet -Instances for the content-areas, I want to ask the
list, if there is another possibility. 
May be there is a chance by changing the Tomcat-/Apache-Configuration so
that I have two new URLs pointing to the same OPENCMS
-Servlet-instance??? This would preventing me from dividing up the
actual OpenCMS-content into two separate Servlet -instances. I need
something like changing  the URLs 
 <servername1>/opencms/opencms/eads-ww/   into
 <servername2>/opencms/opencms/private  into
Does anybody have an idea, what to change in httpd.conf, web.xml and
server.xml (Apache 1.3x / Tomcat 4.0.1 / WARP-Connector-mod_webapp -
Configuration) to achieve these new URL-possiblities?
Are there other possiblities to provide IP-based access-control for a
part of the opencms-SERVLET-based-content?
Thanx for Your replies!
Martin Buehrle
EADS - European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company
Telefax: +49 89 3179-8927

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