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From "Abraham Fathman" <>
Subject Does the HTTPConnector not follow the virtual hosting part of the spec
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 15:52:34 GMT

I appologize for asking this question again, however I haven't gotten a
response and I was hoping to get some of your thoughts....


I have noticed a difference between the HttpConnector and the
WarpConnector while using tomcat 4.0.2.

>From the 2.3 spec:

SRV.3.6 Multiple Hosts and Servlet Contexts
Web servers may support multiple logical hosts sharing one IP address on
a server. This capability is sometimes referred to as "virtual hosting".
In this case, each logical host must have its own servlet context or set
of servlet contexts. Servlet contexts can not be shared across virtual

This seems to be true when using the WarpConnector but not true when
using the HttpConnector.

While using the HttpConnector on Windows I have one subdirectory under
work, which is localhost. I can connect to this server from multiple
host names however I always just have one directory - localhost. Static
variables are also shared between hostnames.

While using the WarpConnector on Linux I have multiple directories under
my work directory - one for each host that I navigate to. Static
variables are not shared between hostnames.

I saw this article:
which looks like the user is experiencing different contexts on Linux
but not on Windows - It could be because the user is using the
WarpConnector on Linux but not on Windows...

Has anyone had any experience with this?

Thank you all for your help! 
I have been a reader of this list for a long time and I appreciate all
of the help that I have received! Abraham Fathman

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