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From "Anthony Eden" <>
Subject RE: Questions about TOMCAT
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 18:52:18 GMT

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> From: haroldorg []
> Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2002 9:00 AM
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> Subject: Questions about TOMCAT
> Hello,
> My name is Haroldo and I work in RCS Informatica
> (, an enterprise that acts in informatics
> area in Brazil.
> We are doing a research to choose a new web application
> server to solve our problems.
> The TOMCAT looks very good, but some details I´d like to
> clarify with you ( if possible).
> So, we have some questions and we appreciate your
> contribution answering these questions:
> 1 - Tomcat is a really 100% free?

Yes.  Free as in cost and free as in open (all of the source code is available).

> 2 - Can I build applications that uses Java servlets and
> to install the TOMCAT server in our buyer machine
> without law problems?


> 3 - How do I do to acquisite a license term directly
> from Apache?

The Apache license is available at .

> 4 - How are the limitations for the supply and for
> supporting services ( updates, bug corrections, doubts )?

Since Tomcat is an open source project your best avenue for support is probably through the
mailing list.

> 5 - Can you give me others enterprises that uses tomcat
> (world wide or even in Brazil)?

My company, Signature Domains ( ) uses Tomcat 4 for all of
our servlet engine needs.  I
also use it for other web sites of my own.  Considering that Tomcat is the reference implementation
for Sun's Servlet
API I imagine there are MANY companies out there using it.

> 6 - Are there some representation office from APACHE in
> Brazil to make contacts to clarify some doubts?
>     In case of no office in Brazil, can you give me The
> Apache Help Service number to help me?

Apache doesn't have a "help" number as you are expecting it.  You may want to look at to gain a better understanding of what Apache is.

I hope I have answered your questions well.  Please note that I am only giving you information
which is available on the
Apache and Jakarta web sites.  I am not a representative of the Apache Software Foundation,
only a very satisfied user
of Apache products.

Anthony Eden

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