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From Phillip Morelock <>
Subject RE: server.xml question
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 18:06:10 GMT
At Tuesday, 30 April 2002, you wrote:

>Here are some suggestions:
>- Are the log files being written ANYWHERE?  Or not at all?
>- What if you use a relative path (such as "logs")?
>- Are the permissions set correctly for your directory?
>- What if you DON'T use the trailing "/" on the directory name?

Actually suggestion number two reminds me:  isn't it true that tomcat 
by default only "allows" itself to write files underneath TOMCAT_HOME? 
maybe this doesn't apply to log files.

I had a problem a while back as far as trying to write uploaded files 
to a different directory -- I had two choices: mess with the security 
manager or choose a path under TOMCAT_HOME. I chose the latter  ;

>> Hi,
>> I asked the same question some hours ago already but no one responded.

>> Is my question so difficult or can no one understand it ???
>> We would like to have a log directory for every virtual host running 
>our box.
>> Therfore we were setting up the <Logger/> tag within the server.
xml file
>to the following attributes:
>> <Logger className="org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger"
>>     directory="/home/wwa-m/public_html/docroot/WEB-INF/log/"
>>     prefix="wwa-m."
>>     sufix =".log"
>>     timestamp="true"/>
>> And now the problem:
>> the logs are not being writen to the configured directory, even 
though the
>directory exist!!

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