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From Ken Martin <>
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 15:49:24 GMT
Upon 4/8/02, todd tredeau saith:

> I completely disagree with you. I am NOT a programmer, and pretty easily 
> figured out the BASIC installation, ie:unzip/expand and run. Is it 
> possible this is a case of No Planning, or Not Reading the ample 
> documentation, How many unanswered questions have you posted?  

I think there's some interesting things in this topic. Even "unzip/expand and run" has problems
(like on Mac OSX if not using gnutar). The docs really are ample, but they are intimidating
to someone not used to Java.

Nevertheless, I'm a newbie to setting something like this up, and I'm running just fine. This
list has been very helpful!

BUT, think about this... in Árni we see someone who possibly didn't read the docs, or only
skimmed them, and still with *his* install habits was a) not able to install Tomcat, and b)
*was* able to install PHP. Two different outcomes from two different server-side technologies
that are often compared side-by-side. Both are developed freely.

There is a momentum behind PHP where people write more tutorials, offer more full solutions
as freeware (blogs, calendars, etc.). PHP's ease of installation may in part help it's adoption,
and grow the community, and provide more resources, which helps it's adoption...etc...

I know there are big differences and best uses for the different technologies, but an awful
lot of server-side technologies are never used to the point of maximizing their characteristic

>>From the 'I just want to download and see if I like it' perspective, Tomcat does suffer
a bit, IMO. Also in the available solutions (which I think are great learning tools and in
some cases complete solutions).

Maybe I just don't know where to look.

Ken Martin

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