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Subject xml - unspecified error in IE 5.5, Tomcat 3.2.1
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 21:11:29 GMT

Anyone has an idea why IE 5.5 displays the following error when Tomcat
3.2.1 (servlet) sends back xml to the browser.
"The XML page cannot be displayed. Please check the error and try again.
Unspecified error"
The same program works on JRun. I suspect the content type could be a
problem. But ain't sure. Anyone experienced this. If I use an XSLT
processor (Xerces) on the server-side and then send back HTML it works
fine. So the xml transformed to HTML works allright. It's just that XML
doesn't display on IE 5.5. Do you know any other browser that displays XML?
By the way I also use Apache in front of Tomcat.
Any solutions/ideas/comments?

Tomcat 3.2.1


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