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Subject Re: Tomcat/Apache trying to hide /webapp/ from URL
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 13:43:07 GMT

You should define your ROOT context in the server.xml as below:

<Context path="" docBase="webapps/corporatesite" crossContext="true" debug
="0" reloadable="true"  trusted="false" >

This way you can access your webapp with the URL:


"Soefara Redzuan" <> on 04/08/2002 02:08:00 AM

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Subject:  Tomcat/Apache trying to hide /webapp/ from URL

Sorry, I know Tomcat/Apache has been discussed endlessly but this problem
driving me around the bend.

We have Tomcat(3.2.3) running fine. We have several webapps running on it
with no problem, including our main corporate website which is accessed
directly via Tomcat at
(ie. the webapp is <tomcat_home>/webapps/corporatesite)

We have Apache configured to be in front of Tomcat with mod_jk which simply

means that we need to insert this line into Apache's httpd.conf and it

Include /usr/local/jakarta/tomcat/conf/mod_jk.conf-auto

However, there are 2 problems with this

1. The URL to reach the site is but
really like it to be

2. I think that Tomcat still has to serve up all of the images and static
content which are part of the webapp. (ie. they're stored in subdirectories

of <tomcat_home>/webapps/corporatesite)

I thought that I could solve both of these problems using this ProxyPass
that didn't work as expected. There must be an easy way to solve this.

I was also surprised that setting Apache's httpd.cont to include
DocumentRoot /usr/local/jakarta/tomcat/webapps/corporatesite
did not help at all.

Any and all help is truly welcome.  Thank you so much, Soefara.

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