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From "Wellie W. Chao" <>
Subject Direct login without login form between pages
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2002 16:25:47 GMT
I've got container-managed form-based login working fine under the following

User starts on page A, which is accessible by all visitors, including
unauthenticated visitors. User clicks on a link to page B, which requires a
role of 'admin'. In this case, Tomcat brings up a login form and the user
enters information, then is directed to page B.

Here is an alternate scenario I would also like to get working:

User starts on page A, which has a login box in the upper right hand corner.
User enters information that maps to an 'admin' role. User is directed to
page B, which is the welcome page for admin users.

Does anyone know how to get the second scenario working? I have tried a form
with method="POST" and action="j_security_check", but it seems you can't
specify the login URL as a direct action, and anyway I'm not sure how I tell
Tomcat to go to page B. Is there a way to tell Tomcat, "hey, I want you to
authenticate the user with this information and then go to page X with a
certain URL?"

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