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From Wayne Pascoe <>
Subject Compiling mod_jk for Apache 2.0.35
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 16:08:54 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to compile mod_jk for Apache 2.0.35 with no success. I am
building this on a FreeBSD 4.5 box. Mod_jk builds fine for Apache 1.3.20

I have unpacked the tomcat connectors source, and then cd'd to

>From there, cd to apache-1.3, edit the file to change
JAVA_HOME, APACHE_HOME and uncomment the line instructed to if find fails,
and change linux on that line to freebsd. This allows me to build and
install a mod_jk module into my apache libexec dir by running sh

Following the same process in apache-2.0, and things start out fine. I then
get the following :
k_ajp_common.c(.text+0x1eaa): undefined reference to `pthread_mutex_init'
jk_ajp_common.lo: In function `ajp_destroy':
k_ajp_common.c(.text+0x1fb7): undefined reference to `pthread_mutex_lock'
jk_ajp_common.lo: In function `ajp_done':
k_ajp_common.c(.text+0x2097): undefined reference to `pthread_mutex_unlock'
k_ajp_common.c(.text+0x20d6): undefined reference to `pthread_mutex_destroy'
jk_ajp_common.lo: In function `ajp_get_endpoint':
k_ajp_common.c(.text+0x21aa): undefined reference to `pthread_mutex_unlock'
k_ajp_common.c(.text+0x21fe): undefined reference to `pthread_mutex_destroy'
apxs:Error: Command failed with rc=65536
Installing into /usr/local/httpd-2.0.35_lite/libexec
cp: No such file or directory
Done. Install by running ./

There are quite a few screens of this error.

Does anyone have any advice for fixing this? I'd really like to use apache 2
on this server.

Thanks in advance,

Wayne Pascoe <>

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance
   - Thomas Jefferson

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