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From Kareem Gad <>
Subject RE: IIS configuraion with tomcat
Date Sat, 13 Apr 2002 07:39:40 GMT

Just to followup on this email ... i can't see my application's root from
that is it is deployed correctly at the startup of tomcat and if i call the
application from the tomcat port it is seen .. but from IIS it is not ..
unlike with examples .. it's seen directly.

hope to hear from you soon.

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	From: 	Kareem Gad  
	Sent:	Sat, April 13, 2002 11:27 AM
	To:	''
	Subject:	IIS configuraion with tomcat

	Dear Sir/Madam,

	I know my question would sound a little lame because i'm sure this
issue has been addressed a million times before I onlycame to use tomcat
just recently .. i have been using Orion Application server for development
for like over a year now so i am experienced with webservers.

	Now what i wanted to do is do the configuration of Tomcat with IIS
and i followed your clear HOW-TO guide and got the examples to run ( both
JSP's and servlets ).

	Now when it comes to deploying my own JSP's and servlets something
seems to be wrong i can't get the configuration right .. the servlets aren't
accessed correctly.

	1. when i access the application i installed on tomcat directly from
tomcat i am able to access the servlet and it's executing.
	2. when i access the pages thru the IIS i get a 405 resource not
allowed error. so i understand that the ISAPI detects me trying to access
something in the WEB-INF folder and stops that ( out of security or
something ) .  

	I'm sure i'm not getting things straight with my , i want to know if i have to put an entry for each
folder containing JSP's or is it sufficient to put my basefolder for the
application followed by "/*.jsp" and same thing for servlets.

	I would be really glad if someone can send me a sample of conf files
for settings of another application deployed on tomcat other than the
examples and clear things out for me regarding why my servlets aren't being
accessed from the IIS calls ( i have the green arrow pointing upwards for
the isapi redirector and the servlets from the examples are running when i
call from IIS )

	I'd be very glad for your help.

	Kareem Gad

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