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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Cygwin fix, but problems: AJP from connectors-4.0.2
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 23:12:32 GMT

I've been trying to set up apache-2.0 and ajp13, Tomcat 4.0.3 under Cygwin.
I'm using the jakarta-tomcat-connectors-4.0.2-src.tar.gz download.
I'm using the "native" branch under jk, as native2 won't work with Cygwin -
something to ask the ant guys I guess, the <so> task fails.

I had issues getting shared objects to work - I know cygwin is still
toughing it out a bit with libtool, especially because of the
autoconf2.13/2.52 differences, so I built it static.

After a couple of small changes (I'll contribute them at the end), it
compiled fine and I rebuilt apache with mod_jk.c built in. httpd -l shows it

I've used a working configuration from my last setup, and
apache + mod_jk 1.2 starts up ok, but when I try to access something via ajp
I get a 500. The error_log reveals that it can't factory the worker

I've started to look into the C code and am not sure why the property
"worker.brick.type=ajp13" gets converted to "ajp13*ajp13" - is this a known

Ok, here are the fixes for at least a static Cygwin build: is there a better
way to contribute them? (diffs?)

jk/common/jk_global.h: The #ifndef _OSD_POSIX needs to change to #if
!defined( _OSD_POSIX ) && !defined( CYGWIN ) in the include section - that
sys header is not there and not needed

jk/ automake chokes on the -i, but I'm nt sure why yet.
Removing it works ok.

jk/ AC_PROG_CC needs to be before the LIBTOOL defs. Works for
cygwin - don't know if it would break anything else.

When finished building, the config.m4 put into the apache build directory is
missing the subdirectory name of the static library, so it is unable to find
it without editing it.

Hope this helps!


Brett Porter - Web Developer
f2 Network ~ everything essential
Ph: +61 2 8596 4437

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