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From Ingo Bruell <>
Subject Re: xml - unspecified error in IE 5.5, Tomcat 3.2.1
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 21:44:27 GMT
Hi Tomcat,

rtc> Anyone has an idea why IE 5.5 displays the following error when Tomcat
rtc> 3.2.1 (servlet) sends back xml to the browser.
rtc> "The XML page cannot be displayed. Please check the error and try again.
rtc> Unspecified error"
rtc> The same program works on JRun. I suspect the content type could be a
rtc> problem. But ain't sure. Anyone experienced this. If I use an XSLT
rtc> processor (Xerces) on the server-side and then send back HTML it works
rtc> fine. So the xml transformed to HTML works allright. It's just that XML
rtc> doesn't display on IE 5.5. Do you know any other browser that displays XML?
rtc> By the way I also use Apache in front of Tomcat.
rtc> Any solutions/ideas/comments?
Have you installed the msxml patch from microsoft ? I do not know the
url but look at

so long

Ingo Bruell

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