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From "Ferguson, Brad - NA US HQ Delray" <>
Subject RE: IIS and TC 4.03
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 12:22:22 GMT
I'm currently in the process of configuring IIS and Tomcat 4.03.  After
tinkering for a couple days I'm still receiving a 500 IIS error.  As with
the original sender I don't have a problem accessing Tomcat via port 8080.
I followed the AJP instructions supplied with Tomcat, and it successfully
created the auto folder under the conf directory but I still get the 500

What are you thoughts?


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From: Tarun Ramakrishna Elankath []
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2002 2:54 AM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: IIS and TC 4.03

I managed to get Tomcat 4.03 + IIS working on my box (though it took 
some tinkering around). I used the tomcat-iis documentation on the ajp 
connector (in the configuration reference). Just follow it and ignore 
the other howto's on the web (which are outdated).

At what point did you get stuck ?

Follow the documentation and add listeners at the Server and Virtual 
Host level. Tomcat automatically generates a .reg file and a file in the conf/auto directory However a third 
file '' is missing from the 4.03 distribution and you 
need to get it from somewhere. You also ofcourse need to get the 
redirector dll. Be sure that the file is renamed to  
'isapi_redirect.dll' instead of 'isapi_redirector.dll' which is the file 
available for download from the 4.03 bin directory.

I plan to write some wsh scripts or some software in about 2 weeks time 
for easy integration for Tomcat with IIS. The process is unnecessarily 

Hope that helps,
Tarun wrote:

>I admit, I'm new to TC and I've been trying unsuccessfully all weekend
>to get TC "playing nice" with IIS5.
>I can get TC to work fine on its own, but the trouble appears to be
>getting TC to work "through" IIS.
>I've installed the ISAPI redirector and I've attempted to modify the
>settings according to a few seemingly differentiating instructions I
>found scattered about the web (including the TC doc site).
>I either get exceptions or the .JSP pages don't run or the web browser
>attempts to download the pages instead.
>There are several IIS sites on this server and the docs are a little
>vague about handling multiple locations for .JSP files (as is the case
>with virtual sites).
>Any specific hints that might help here?
>- tex
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