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From Nikolaus Rath <>
Subject Re: Passing environment variables from apache request
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 21:37:56 GMT
* Joakim Ahlén <> wrote:
>> Hello!
>> In my servlet i need access to some environment variables 
>> defined by an apache module for the request. How can i access them?
>> I am using tomcat 3.3 and mod_jk. After looking at the mod_jk 
>> source, i found the JkEnvVar directive. It seems that this 
>> directive tells mod_jk to send the specified environment 
>> variable to tomcat. But i can't find a way to access it on Java side.
> Im using the JkEnvVar in a setup right now, as follows, in apaches conf:
> ...which passes the envvar REDIRECT_URL, calling it REDIRECT_URL on the
> java side. I later on fetch in java with:
> request.getAttribute("REDIRECT_URL")
> Works fine.

Thanks a lot.

> When first wanting to use this directive, i spent like an entire day
> trying to find even the slightest info about it. Everything that
> came up was some sourcecode patches for mod_jk containing the
> string... Does anybody know where this (and others?) directive is
> documented? I mean, there must be atleast something that states the
> usage of the directive with its arguments...

>From apache/mod_jk.c:

|     {"JkOptions", jk_set_options, NULL, RSRC_CONF, RAW_ARGS,
|      "Set one of more options to configure the mod_jk module"},     
|     {"JkEnvVar", jk_add_env_var, NULL, RSRC_CONF, TAKE2,
|      "Adds a name of environment variable that should be sent to Tomcat"},     
|     {NULL}

But i am more interested in how you find out that the variable is
stored as a request attribute. The servlet API doc says:

| getAttribute
| Returns the value of the named attribute as an Object,
|  or null if no attribute of the given name exists. 
| Attributes can be set two ways. The servlet container may set
|  attributes to make available custom information about a request. For
|  example, for requests made using HTTPS, the attribute
|  javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate can be used to retrieve
|  information on the certificate of the client. Attributes can also be
|  set programatically using setAttribute(java.lang.String,
|  java.lang.Object). This allows information to be embedded into a
|  request before a RequestDispatcher call.
| Attribute names should follow the same conventions as package names.
|  This specification reserves names matching java.*, javax.*, and
|  sun.*.


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