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Subject Re: Re[2]: Starting Tomcat 4 as an NT service
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 19:55:40 GMT

Yes, thanks, but you're still not answering the questions I asked. I have
figured this much out for myself (and I have searched the archives extensively).
No one seems to know where the tomcat.exe program came from or is willing to
document it's usage. Like I said, if this is intended to be kept as a deep, dark
secret for some reason I would just like to know that. I have to say that I
spent considerable time chasing down useless references to the Tomcat 3.x way of
doing things with jk_nt_service.exe before I figured out for myself that this
doesn't really seem to be in vogue anymore. And I would also have to say that
there is a lot of misinformation floating around on this subject - which is why
you've probably answered it several times before. If there was a simple (and
accurate) HOWTO on installing Tomcat as an NT service in the 4.x documentation I
wouldn't be asking this question. If such documentation does exist, I'd just
like to know where it is.

Sorry for being a pain, but all I keep getting in answer to my questions are the
answers to somebody else's questions.

- Ram

Jacob Kjome <> on 04/09/2002 03:24:24 PM

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Hello rsudama,

Just a note.  I've posted this answer twice before on this list.
Please search the archives because it *has* been answered and I gave
the solution in the email and didn't ask anyone to search anywhere for
the answer.  Anyway, here it is again:

I distilled the following from this article:

Assuming you have all your environment variables set, just copy+paste
the following to a command line...

To Install Catalina Service:

%CATALINA_HOME%\bin\tomcat.exe -install Apache-Catalina
-Dcatalina.home=%CATALINA_HOME% %CATALINA_OPTS% -Xrs -start
org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap -params start -stop
org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap -params stop -out

To Uninstall Catalina Service:

%CATALINA_HOME%\bin\tomcat.exe -uninstall Apache-Catalina

Now, check in your Services applet and the "Apache-Catalina" service
should be there.


Tuesday, April 09, 2002, 2:08:10 PM, you wrote:

roc> Yes, I understand perfectly well that it's an option in the installer. I'm
roc> trying to find out where the documentation are sources are for this tool
that is
roc> included as part of the "open source" distribution. If there's some reasons
roc> not distributing the sources for the tool itself (or how about the whole
roc> program?) that's fine, but it would be nice if there was at least some
roc> documentation on its use. As far as I can tell, the general attitude of the
roc> Tomcat community on this is "we've figured out a way to get this done, and
roc> here's a bunch of pointers to places where you can figure it our for
roc> I already have other tools that can do this if I need to, but since a
roc> good tool has already been developed by someone I'd rather use that if it's
roc> possible.

roc> - Ram

roc> on 04/09/2002 01:22:22 PM

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roc>  To:      "'Tomcat Users List'"
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roc>  cc:      (bcc: Ram Sudama/ON Technology)

roc>  Subject: RE: Starting Tomcat 4 as an NT service

>> service. However, no one has seemed to address how Tomcat 4.0.3
roc> actually _is_
>> installed as an NT service.

roc> It is now included as an option in the installer.

roc> - tex

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Best regards,

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