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From "Clearwater, Pete" <>
Subject Tomcat4 performance.
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 15:51:51 GMT
Hi All.

I'm currently doing some performance testing in order to convince my superiors that we should
move away from the expensive Weblogic app server to a free JBoss/(Tomcat or Jetty) implementation.
 However, I've run into a bit of a snag as both Tomcat and
Jetty appear to be about 50% slower than Weblogic under equivalent loads.  Our Web app caches
most of it's data so DB access is not a concern ( see
to see it in action) but it does
output a considerable amount of "dynamic" data.  In my tests I have apache configured to ProxyPass
all requests for dynamic data and to serve all images and static files.

Does anybody have any tomcat performance tips/tricks I can try?  I've already turned all the
logging as far down as I can

When I run it through Optimizeit, 15% of the CPU time is spent in org.apache.catalina.connector.ResponseWriter.write().
 Because we use a lot of includes (each page is comprised of 3-4 included JSP files)  7% of
the time is also spent in

One thing I'm wondering about - The included JSP files are included through RequestDispatcher.include()
(I cannot use the JSP:Include tag) and in order for the data to appear in the correct order,
I had to add the tag  "<%@ page buffer="0"
autoFlush="true" %>" to all of my JSP files.  I assume this doesn't help the performance
of the system... is there anyway around this?  This is not required in Weblogic.

I realize performance questions are very difficult to answer, but any info at all would be
greatly appreciated.


Pete Clearwater

Pete Clearwater
Systems Analyst           Enrolment Services
Student Systems           Brock Hall
tel: 604.822.8662         2016-1874 East Mall    Vancouver BC, Canada, V6T 1Z1

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