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From "Timlin, Bob" <>
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 17:13:25 GMT
I am using Tomcat 4.0.2 with Win2K and IIS 5.0 as an NT Service without any
difficulties.  There is a bug with NT services that you need to be aware of
on 3.2.

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From: Lecaros, Noel [] 
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2002 9:45 AM
To: 'Tomcat Users List'

Hi Arni,

Have you checked the tomcat logs in %TOMCAT_HOME%\logs\jvm.stderr (or
jvm.stdout)?  There also appears to be an issue with the
file (which you supply as a command-line parameter to jk_nt_service.exe) in
that the wrapper.jvm.options is not being properly read if left blank.  If
you're using JDK1.3.1 or higher, put wrapper.jvm.options=-Xrs.  It should
start properly.

I notice that you're using v3.2.4.  Any particular reason for sticking to
that version?  I am using v3.3.1 on Win2K with IIS.  Tomcat is also running
as a service.  If it's any help, I could post the detailed steps here for my
setup, or e-mail them direct to you.  In my opinion, v.3.3.x is the most
well-documented and well-supported version of Tomcat for Win2K.

You are right in that there are many documents (or rather, parts of
documents) to read in configuring Tomcat.  Not only that: given the numerous
versions of the software, it's practically essential to note down the
version number when asking for help.  Often, you'd have to search through
the mailing lists for resolution to a specific problem (assuming one

Hope this helps you, and if you have any questions, just ask it on this


Noel Lecaros

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From: Árni Arent []
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2002 9:15 AM
To: todd tredeau; Tomcat Users List

Sorry for the flame :)

Just got very frustrated. I am very patient, and yes I've read the install
documentation carefully and followed it step by step, that I am sure of.
However the install documentation is way too long, too many things users
have to consider.

My setup is Win2000, IIS and Tomcat3.2.4.

I've managed to get tomcat to work, however it doesn't run with IIS nor did
I manage to install tomcat as a service.

My problem is this
When starting the NT service I get:
Asked (and given) winsock 1.1
Error: StartServiceCtrlDispatcher failed.


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From: todd tredeau []
Sent: 8. apríl 2002 15:08
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: NIGHTMARE

I completely disagree with you. I am NOT a programmer, and pretty easily
figured out the BASIC installation, ie:unzip/expand and run. Is it
possible this is a case of No Planning, or Not Reading the ample
documentation, How many unanswered questions have you posted?

I'm sorry, but this type of message leaves me to believe you spent NO
effort to solve your own problems, read the documentation, or spec your

It would seem that PHP, JSP, CFM, ASP, etc.. are each suited to
particular needs. I can't say that I would want to go from one to
another without a better plan.

In 16 years, I have seen a lot of software, for a lot of money, free,
commercial and everything in between. I personally haven't gotten that
involved in "open source" projects except for the last couple years,
while I don't feel I'm qualified to do much, I do what I can. The power
of hundreds and thousands of minds, is far better than anything I have seen.

While it is often true, extra pains are taken to get things working,
installed or configured, typically if you have a clue what you are doing
to start with it helps. At the same time, I have never posted a question
without some sort of positive response, perhaps, if you considered
putting your demand for perfection aside, you could learn and contribute
to the project, providing feedback and guidance to developers so they
know what works better, that is the power of any project.

Would I be correct in assuming your trying to run tomcat on windows
platform? I would agree with you however on one thing, there are far too
many strains of Tomcat out right now.... Stratify your projects...too
hard to support too many.

collaborative effort to promote Novell and Open Source solutions

opinions expressed here are my own, and I have no official affiliation
with Novell, Apache or any of their sub-projects.

Árni Arent wrote:

>Your software, Tomcat, is a nightmare to install. I've spent 2 WHOLE days
>trying to make it work without success.
>Endless configuration files, paths, etc. making this a impossible software
>to use. I doubt I'm the only one who has complaint.
>I won't use this crap, I'm switching to PHP, took me 5 minutes to figure
>that out.
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