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From Pauline Cantaloup <>
Subject Re: Monitoring Tomcat
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 12:58:57 GMT
At 02:12 PM 4/11/02 +0200, you wrote:
>>I made a search in the "Tomcat User List Archive" but for each message asking for
some monitoring function in Tomcat, I didn't find any answer...
>>Indeed, I would need a way to know about threads' managing
>I'm unsure of truly understanding your question but I can advise you to read about the
servlets life cycle (in the servlets specification or in any valuable resource as the book
from Jason Hunter O'Reilly editions).
>> and what happens to received requests (are some of them delayed or even dropped ?),
>you can use a dummy filter (if you use the 2.3 servlets API aka Tomcat 4 -catalina) which
logs any filter, adds trace for incoming request, responses...
>> in order to tune up my configuration and to prevent any crash.
>that is the point where I can't see any links with your question!!!

...sorry, I wasn't very clear. I have to monitor a (huge) three tiers application which uses
a servlet/jsp container. The aim is to help administrators to tune the application (i.e. to
set the best number of threads in the pool), and to notice them when it seems this application
reaches its limits (when requests are delayed or dropped).
Before, the container used was "JRun" and it had a function which allowed us to know the number
of listening threads/buzy threads, the number of received calls, the number of delayed and
dropped requests. Now, "they" want to use Tomcat, so I have to find a way to have the same
what do you mean by "filter", is it something specific to Tomcat 4.x ? anyway, they don't
want to use Tomcat 4 but Tomcat 3.2... 
Thank you very much for yor kind help, I'm really lost :(

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