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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: SystemErrLogger and SystemOutLogger
Date Sat, 27 Apr 2002 00:49:21 GMT

Yes, I read this numerous times. But, I'd like something simpler than 
manipulating the dtomcat4 script (which is what I want to avoid). I'd 
like a way to set it in the /etc/tomcat4/conf/tomcat4 preferences or in 
server.xml. I'm not looking for a quick fix to configure this on one 
machine, I need to setup a configuration script that sets up certain 
settings in tomcat for our software installation across many many many 
machines. I want to manipulate as few files as possible. If anything I'd 
like to include a  /etc/tomcat4/conf/tomcat4.conf file that covers 
everything and just copy it over to /etc/tomcat4/conf/tomcat4.

It seems a little confusing to have tomcat configured from 3 different 


One never knows what is a $Param one can set in 
/etc/tomcat4/conf/tomcat4.conf or a hand edit that needs to be done in 
/usr/bin/dtomcat4 vs something that can be configured in the server.xml 
file. Seems a little cleaner organization could be used here? Something 
like environmental settings to startup tomcat going in 
/etc/tomcat4/conf/tomcat4 and configuring behavior of tomcat after 
startup to go in server.xml (which would include location of "all" logs 
and such).I'm confused as to why there are SystemErrLogger and 
SystemOutLogger entries I could set in server.xml and yet I can't adjust 
anything like the directories on these entries.

As well, I'm stuck with "$CATALINA_BASE"/logs/catalina.out as the 
location of  catalina out based on the /usr/bin/dtomcat4. Yes I can 
change $CATALINA_BASE, but I'm stuck with /logs/catalina.out

      org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap "$@" start \
      >> "$CATALINA_BASE"/logs/catalina.out 2>&1 &

what if I wanted to just set the location of my catalina.out to be where 
I configured the other logs to be in my server.xml file ( which is 
/var/log/tomcat/ ), I can't really do it without going in and 
manipulating the dtomcat4 script. I'm not really interested in 
manipulating dtomcat4, I really just want to configure tomcat using 
either /etc/tomcat4/conf/tomcat4 or /var/tomcat4/conf/server.xml.

besides, if I set CATALINA_BASE doesn't that adjust everything else 
dynamic like the location of the webapps directory?

It's great to have the ability to adjust the location of the temp 
directory. I just think we could also use such functionality for the 
logs as well (and not have it dependent on CATALINA_BASE).

My 2 cents,
Mark Diggory

Subir Sengupta wrote:

>By default SystemErrLogger and SystemOutLogger go to logs/catalina.out,
>unless you changed the name of the output target in the bin/
>script from catalina.out to something else.  This is explained in the docs
>Hope this helps,
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Mark Diggory []
>Sent: Friday, April 26, 2002 3:22 PM
>Subject: SystemErrLogger and SystemOutLogger
>I was trying to push all tomcats logging up into a different directory
>than /var/tomcat4/logs for our log managment purposes.
>I see I can set directory attributes on all FileLoggers but not on the
>default SystemErrLogger and SystemOutLogger.
>Is there a simple way I can do this? I like the way the temp directory
>has becaome configurable in /etc/tomcat4/conf/tomcat4.conf. Having this
>in there as well would be cool too.
>-Mark Diggory
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