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From Fabian Sommer <>
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 17:27:18 GMT
I disagree with the point that installing tomcat is a nightmare, but 
making it work properly with apache and understanding how to deploy an 
own web application takes a lot of time, although you might be familiar 
with strange applications...
And you are always stuck in problems where you don't get any idea of 
what is wrong because of error messages which don't tell you enogh.

btw: does anybody know if there is a possibility to catch tomcat error 
stack when tomcat itself crushes? I had a problem of tomcat crushing 
each time i tried to access my application, and i didn't know what was 
wrong! By accident i recognized that there was only missing the 
mm.mysql-driver in my class-directory. But i didn't expect tomcat to 
crush without any error message - i expect that i would have found the 
error much earlier if i would have got the complete java error stack for 
tomcat main-app...

thanks for comments...

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