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From Hans Bergsten <>
Subject Connectors: what are the differences?
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 02:39:58 GMT
Hi guys,

I'm trying to figure how the two Apache connectors available
for Tomcat 4 compare. From what I've learned by reading all
the info available on the site and the mailing list archives,
it seems to me that the following is true:
* Both the WARP and AJP connectors are considered to be production
   ready for use with Tomcat 4 (on a Linux box, at least. I take it
   that WARP doesn't work for Windows, but that AJP does)
* Both can get all SSL info from Apache that is accessible through
   the Servlet API
* AJP supports IIS and Netscape in addition to Apache, but
   WARP is only for Apache
* AJP supports load balancing, but WARP doesn't
* WARP automatically configures Apache to handle static content
   and only forward requests for dynamic content to Tomcat, but
   AJP requires manual configuration (or does ApacheConfig work
   correctly? I believe I've seen issues reported).

Am I right so far? Any other major differences that I've missed?
How about stability and performance?

I've not been able to find any definite answers to a few questions,
so I hope I can get some help here:
* The AJP Connector config doc says that it can't run Tomcat as
   an in-process worker. Is that still true, and if so, is it a
   Tomcat issue or mod_jk issue? If it's a mod_jk issue, can
   mod_webapp run Tomcat in-process?
* In the sample server.xml file for Tomcat 4.0.4 Beta 2, the
   AJP <Connector> element is nested within the <Service> element
   for the standalone server, while a separate <Service> is defined
   for the WARP connector. Why the difference? Can I use either
   approach for both connectors? Pros and cons with these approaches?
* It seems like the configuration file generated by ApacheConfig
   only creates JkMount directives for the "*.jsp" and "/servlet/*"
   (based on the sample in the AJP connector config doc). Is this
   true, or does it in fact create JkMount for all <url-mapping>
   elements in web.xml? Does it handle filter mappings correctly.
   so that requests for static pages that should be passed through
   a filter are forwarded to Tomcat?
* The same question for WARP: does the auto-config feature take
   care of all <url-mapping> and filter mappings correctly?

Hans Bergsten
Gefion Software
JavaServer Pages

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