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From Martin Jacobson <>
Subject Re: Tyrex/Warp JDBC NamingContext problem
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 14:39:19 GMT
Jakarta Tomcat Newsgroup ( wrote:

> Subject: Tyrex/Warp JDBC NamingContext problem
> From: "Hermod Opstvedt" <>
>  ===
> Hi all
> I have looked all over the place, and come across several people that are
> experiencing the same as me. When I access my .jsp's directly to TC, a
> lookup of the JDBC that I configured in server.xml works fine. When starting
> up Apache and hence warp, it stops working. I have stepped through it, and
> confirmed that the JDBC entry is in the naming context, but the cast
> (through Tyrex) doesn't seem to work so it returns null. Hasn't anybody come
> across a solution for this ?

My situation is slightly different, in that I'm using servlets+Velocity, 
and a standalone Tomcat 4.0.4b1, but I think we have the same problem: I 
can connect successfully to MySQL using mm.mysql JDBC driver, but 
configuring a Datasource using JNDI following the HOW-TO always results 
in a null pointer being returned from the lookup("jdbc/..."). I suspect 
that Tyrex is broken; when I set the debug level to 99, I get an entry 
in catalina.out to the effect that Tyrex could not find the hypersonic 
driver - not surprisingly, since I don't have it or want it. Looking at 
the Tyrex source reveals that the hypersonic thing is a hard-coded 
default, which I suppose gets replaced by the name of the driver you 
configure in the server.xml parameters.

My question is this: is ANYBODY successfully connecting to any database 
other than this hypersonic thingy? If so, what JDBC driver are you 
using? Did you have to 'tweak' the configuration given in the HOW-TO?

Help please!


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