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From Alan Williamson <>
Subject Mapping *.abc requests to Tomcat
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2002 17:29:49 GMT

I have been having lots of fun attempting to setup Apache/Tomcat on my
MacOS-X box.  We have been using the older Apache/JServ combination for
years now with no problems whatsoever.  However the move to Tomcat has been
more than painful.   I have managed to get it to do many wonderful things,
but nothing close to the way JServ use to work.

Here is the problem.

We have the ApacheWebServer (AWS) and we wish it to handle a number of
Virtual Hosts.  No big deal there.  Each of the these virtual hosts has its
own document root and various other configurations.  So far so good.  We
have a special file extension, [*.abc] that must be passed to a particular
servlet for processing.  These files are everywhere.

So ... we want a file that ends with .abc to be processed by Tomcat.  

After much buggering around with Tomcat4.0 we could only get it to process
all files; ie the main ApacheWebServer was taken out of the loop and was not
even doing the static files such as images etc.  Read somewhere on Google,
that Tomcat4.0 couldn't do this just yet, but move down to Tomcat3.  To
which we did.

Moved down to Tomcat3.0.  Modified the {tomcat}/conf/web.xml and added in
our mappings ... but this never made a difference.  Our servlet is to load
at startup and nothing.  It wouldn't load for love'nor'money.  So we moved
it to {tomcat}/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/web.xml and it loaded there with no
problems.  However still doesn't get hit.

Here is the relevant section from Apache's httpd.conf:

--] httpd.conf  --------
ApJservManual on
ApJServDefaultProtocol ajpv12
ApJServMountCopy on
ApJServLogLevel info
ApJservDefaultPort 9007
AddType text/abc .abc
AddHandler jserv-servlet .abc
ApJServLogFile /tmp/mod_jserv.log

I have attempted adding [ApServMount / /root] but that doesn't seem to make
a different, except our ABC files are sent back to us as plain text!

--] server.xml-----------

<Host name="">
  <Context path="" 
            debug="1" />

So ... the question's are:

Q1. I feel so close ... but no cigar.  What am i missing?

Q2. Should {tomcat}/conf/web.xml be getting read?

Q3. How do i setup Tomcat 3 (or 4) so that .abc are processed across all
VH's and across all directories.

thank you very much,


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