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From "Anthony W. Marino" <>
Subject Re: Which Connectors?
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 19:23:48 GMT

Thank you very much for this claification!!!
Could you, or someone, advise/point to document on where "jk2" is with regards 
to function completion?


> On Sun, 28 Apr 2002, Anthony W. Marino wrote:
> > I'm confused with the state of the connectors available for
> > Apache2/Tomcat integration.  Could someone, please, shed some light on
> > this.  The following is some of what I've read/interpreted from messages
> > on this list:
> >
> > mod_jk:	Unstable
> > mod_jk2:	Bleeding edge for development purposes only
> > mod_webapp:	Next generation integration module for Apache/Tomcat that
> > will eventually replace mod_jk's.  However, performance hit since even
> > static pages will have to go through Tomcat before being served by
> > Apache.
> mod_jk is stable and works fine with apache2 and all tomcats.
> There is a bug in the tar.gz, but the CVS head is tested and works
> great. We'll update the tars on the first release of tomcat.
> mod_jk2 is getting close to feature-complete, but you should stick with
> mod_jk for production until ready.
> mod_webapp is _not_ the "next generation" nor "replaces" mod_jk.
> It's just another connector, wrote by a different person in a different
> way. It's author doesn't like mod_jk, and people working on jk don't
> like webapp - you can choose whatever _you_ like.
> Costin

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