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From bryan collins <>
Subject Persistent Context names with auto-deploy
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 05:15:08 GMT

I have an environment that serves requests via apache, on Solaris.
I have configured Tomcat 4.0.3 with mod_jk, most things appear to be working
just fine.

Apache is configured to pass /apps/* to tomcat via ajp13 protocol.
Tomcat is configured with an appbase of /www/webapps

I automatically deploy my .war files on paths of /apps/servletname
so I can have completely independant contexts for each servlet.

This works, and I can access the app via apache.
However, when tomcat restarts, it finds the servlet in the appbase, since
unpackWARS=true, and automatically deploys it under /

My question is, How can I force persistance of Context paths across a Tomcat
restart, when using automatic deploy (via the manager app)

auto-deploy foo.war on /apps/foo (via manager)
TC extracts the war to /www/webapps/foo, everything works perfectly.
After TC restart, TC deploys the servlet as /foo, not /apps/foo.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks

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