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From "Giovanni P. Tirloni" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat4 and Virtual Hosts
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 17:23:00 GMT
On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Jean-Luc BEAUDET wrote:

> Well, well
> Let's have some breath:
> Yu said that the actual code
> WebAppConnection conn warp localhost:8008
> WebAppDeploy  mydomain-context conn /context
> was just runnin' OK before yu declared that one below:

 Yes, that was working but that works for every virtual host that I´ve
on this server so after I so it was working I removed it.

> <VirtualHost>
>     ServerName
>     ServerAlias
>     DocumentRoot /path/
>     WebAppConnection mydomain-conn warp localhost:8008
>     WebAppDeploy mydomain-context mydomain-conn /context
>  </VirtualHost>

 Yes, After I realised that I couldn´t use a connection previous
declared outside <VirtualHost> (the one I used for examples/ above) I
declared it inside <VirtualHost> with another name and removed that
other one. This two WebApp* lines are the only ones related to Tomcat
inside my httpd.conf.

> Right ?
> In yur server xml yu declared in the right section - that is  <Service
> name="Tomcat-Apache"> -
> yur Virtual host:
>  <Host name="">    ADD INSIDE IT the appbase="/path/to/my/webapps"
>            <Alias name=""</Alias> I'd WRITE it THIS WAY as said
> the DOc....
>            <Context path="/context" docBase="/path/"/>
>  </Host>

 Well, I had the </Alias> After <Context> but changing it to before
<Context> changed nothing.

> Is that Correct ?
> After modifications, did yu restart 1) Tomcat    2) Apache ?


> Could yu declare WebAppInfo and tell us about it ?

 When I declared examples/ I declared webapp-info/ too and it worked

 Now I left webapp-info/ declared using connection "conn" and declared
connection "mydomain-conn" inside <VirtualHost> host again and it said
"duplicated" again (the error I posted before). If I don´t declare
connection "mydomain-conn" and try to WebAppDeploy that
"mydomain-context" using the previusly declared connection "conn" it
says the connection is not configured.

 I tried to remove both <Alias> from server.xml and ServerAlias from
httpd.conf without success, it says connection duplicated.

 Giovanni P. Tirloni

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