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From Thomas Gideon <>
Subject Building mod_webapp
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 17:16:44 GMT
I have made some progress on my original problem in that I finally realized
I needed a complementary jar under Tomcat to receive and interpret WARP
requests coming in from Apache.

The problem is, with the Tomcat 4.02-01 binary version of,
even though I get promising debug messages and I am now getting entries in
my apache log under Tomcat, I am still getting seg faults.  My tomcat logs
reveal an unexpected packet header end, as a

I have tried repeatedly to compile the 4.02-01 from source,
without success.  I am getting some error about a bare string or invalid
operator, apparently somewhere late in the build, after APR builds, caused
by a -Dtarget="apache" option.  My experience with GNU build tools is not
advanced enough to figure out what the heck is causing this.

I am using the CVS version of APR, because the connectors sources tar ball
I grabbed does not inlcude APR at all.  I am more than a little frustrated
by the inconsistent inclusion of the various connectors with the different
releases of Tomcat.  Under the 4.02 release, there actually is an APR tar
ball, but it is labaled for 2.0.32, so I do not know if this is valid for
1.3, which I am running, or if it would be better than getting the CVS
version of the connectors.

I am not averse to getting the full APR and connector sources from CVS, but
am understandably gun shy of anything new I might try not working,
especially when it requires any additional labor.  I have sunk the better
part of a week into trying to get the WARP connector working between Apache
1.3 and Tomcat 4.0 with no clear success.


"I work until beer o'clock." -- Steven King

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