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From rainer jünger <>
Subject Re: server.xml question
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 18:20:44 GMT

> Actually suggestion number two reminds me:  isn't it true that tomcat
> by default only "allows" itself to write files underneath TOMCAT_HOME?
> maybe this doesn't apply to log files.
> I had a problem a while back as far as trying to write uploaded files
> to a different directory -- I had two choices: mess with the security
> manager or choose a path under TOMCAT_HOME. I chose the latter  ;
> )

the following is written at:

Absolute or relative pathname of a directory in which log files created by
this logger will be placed. If a relative path is specified, it is
interpreted as relative to $CATALINA_HOME. If no directory attribute is
specified, the default value is "logs" (relative to $CATALINA_HOME).

so it should definately be possible to write logs somewhere else ?!

rainer jünger

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