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From "Joel Rees" <>
Subject tomcat/java advocacy (was Re: Tomcat and Apache Server - Instalation and Performance)
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 03:17:44 GMT
Sexton, George commented

> I can give you some good reasons not to use PHP. Take a look at the
> Horde/IMP project. It's nice stuff. But my goodness, some of the problems
> they have....
> For example, it is impossible in PHP to open an IMAP connection and save
> on the session so that it can be used multiple times. They re-open the
> session every request.

Oh, I'm sure it can be done. Impossible is such a strong word.

> Talk about murdering scalability...  PHP doesn't have
> threads, and in general is pretty brain dead. Here is the deciding factor:
> Are you writing software or are you writing scripts? PHP is a scripting
> language. Java is a programming language. There is a difference. If you
> writing software, you need the professional language features that Java
> offers. If you are writing scripts, then use whatever you would like.

(Just love that arrogance.)

in reply to Juan José Velázquez Garcia's questions:

> Hello,
> I have the following environment:
> OS: Linux Debian Potato
> http Server: Apache
> Does anyone can point a good tutorial to install TOMCAT as addon or plugin
> within Apache Server?

Check the web. It's not so much as an add-on or plugin (although some people
say it that way) as it is Tomcat running co-operatively. In a similar way to
telling apache how to handle perl and php scripts, you tell apache to ship
certain address patterns to the tomcat server, which is running on a
different port. (Apache on :80, Tomcat on :8080 in the examples.) There's a
little more syntax, but the concept is quite similar.

You do need to download and enable apache's mod_webapp or mod_jk. That's
similar to enabling mod_perl.

> How can I compare the performance of this configuration with other
> technologies? I have to convince the team to use JSP/JavaBeans instead
> or PHP.

Why? If what they have works, don't fix it.

In other words, find something they are having problems with and ask here if
someone knows how to solve it with Tomcat. Then learn how to do it yourself
and show the results to management.

I personally am not convinced Tomcat is superior to Perl, but I'm a newbie
here. One thing for sure, it never hurts to have extra tools. (There's at
least one good book about how to get Perl to do the things that everyone
thinks Perl doesn't do -- New Rider's _Perl for the Web_. Unfortunately, the
almost-cookbook examples are a little advanced. Php has its uses, too, many
people find it useful for RAD and low volume sites. And poorly written Java
can be worse than poorly written php, I think.)

> How can I calculate the simultaneos users and memory needed for a site? Is
> there a rule?

Good question. Perl supposedly has a lot of tools for automated site
testing. We could use those tools to test Tomcat sites, but I'm sure there
are Java tools for this, as well, that I just haven't noticed yet.

Joel Rees
Alps Giken Kansai Systems Develoment
Suita, Osaka

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