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From "JACQUELINE Nicolas - REN ( )" <>
Subject Re: Servlet killing tracking
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 18:17:22 GMT
> i sent you one email already, but i will tell you this again, i have
> experienced many oddities in the servlet lifecycle with tomcat 3.
> 2.x.  I strongly suggest you try (at least in a test environment)
> 3.3 or 4.x as in my experience these are much cleaner WRT the life
> cycle problems you're facing.  I never looked into the oddities that
> much, because the upgrade stopped them.
I understood what you ment, and I'm sure you're right. But as we're using
Tomcat in a professional context, we cant change our Tomcat version without
taking a big risk for our customer (we should validate again our
application, that is expensive). That's why we're first trying to solve this
problem before trying a newer version of Tomcat. But you seem to understand
my point of view.

> you're also not really giving any information that would indicate
> how _you_ think this problem might be solved.  You're saying, it's
> calling my destroy method, why?  Questions for you: why does it matter?
> does tomcat then not re-init the servlet, thereby hanging all future
> requests to it?  Or is that not good enough?  does servlet.destroy()
> actually destroy something valuable?  If that is the case, perhaps
> you should look into your own design and make certain that it is
> necessary to depend on this behavior, considering your unwillingness
> or inability to upgrade to a newer version (believe me i understand
> -- i currently have a high-traffic application deployed on 3.2.4,
> and its oddities WRT servlet lifecycle have caused me more than
> once to re-evaluate certain design choices).
I dont give many information because I dont have that much ! When the
application crashes, the customer sends us our logs that just say us the
destroy method of our servlet was called by tomcat for no reason. The
servlet is not crashed, the jvm is still running, apache still dispatchs
requests to the servlet, but as it has been destroyed, we've lost all our
data and the application crashes (exceptions in the jsps).

But if the destory method is called sometimes for no reason, I think that
we'll have to redesign the servlet, as you suggest :-7

> I'm not trying to be an ass here, but it just seems like you're asking
> for help but you're neither giving us enough information to help
> you nor are you apparently thinking critically about the problems
> before you (at least it's not apparent from your posts what steps
> you've already taken or what exactly your problem is with this behavior).
I'm really sorry if I'm not really clear, but in fact we have not a lot of
information. But I'm going to try to be as precise as possible.

So, more precisely (?) : our servlet runs fine, but Tomcat kills it
sometimes for no reason (memory overflow ? tomcat bug ? ). I just want to
know how I could track why Tomcat destroyed the servlet.

I cant access the Tomcat platform (I cant run/stop Tomcat, ...), I can only
access the servlet source code, tomcat configuration and logs.

> cheers
> phillip
Thank you for your help,


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