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From "Jeff Larsen" <>
Subject Re: Process for using Manager reload of war file?
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2002 23:19:16 GMT
Here's the deal with unpacking of war files: It only 
happens when Tomcat starts and autodeploys apps that
do not otherwise have a <Context> element in server.xml.

If you manually define the context, it won't unpack the war file!
If you update the war file and reload, it won't re-unpack the war file!
Absolutly NOTHING will get tomcat to re-unpack a war file except 
stopping tomcat, manually deleting the unpacked directory, and
restarting tomcat.  And again, it ONLY unpacks auto-deployed apps.

I've given up on war files, because I need my app unpacked so Apache
can serve the static content. Luckily, I have an ftp client (CuteFTP) 
than can upload an entire directory structure with one command. Then, 
with the files already unpacked (I have reloadable="false" in my <Context>),
I use the manager app to reload my application.

Personally, I fail to see the purpose of auto-unpacking of war
files if the only way to reload is to manually delete the unpacked
directory (Tomcat developers: are you listening?!?!?). It has caused
myself and many other contributors to this list more headaches than 
it is worth.

My $0.02, 


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From: "David M. Karr" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, April 01, 2002 4:39 PM
Subject: Process for using Manager reload of war file?

> I'm trying to understand the complete process of getting the Manager
> application to completely reload a rebuilt application.
> I'm on Win2k, with TC 4.0.4b2, and JDK 1.4.0.
> With Tomcat down, I make sure I have a valid WAR file copied into webapps, and
> the unpacked directory is gone.
> I then start Tomcat and test the app.
> Now, I make a minor change to one JSP file and rebuild the WAR file.
> At this point, I've tried various things, starting with copying the new WAR
> file into webapps.  I've tried the "reload" op.  I've tried using "stop", and
> then "start".  I've tried deleting the unpacked directory, but while Tomcat is
> running, this never completes (Tomcat probably has something open).  None of
> these things seem to result in Tomcat reloading the app.  When I retest the
> app, it doesn't show the minor change I made to the JSP.
> I've verified that the Manager app basically works, as I can execute the "list"
> operation, and I can use "stop" and "start" on an app to see its different
> output in the "list" output.
> I'm just using "wget" to interface to the Manager app, writing results to
> standard output.
> I wondered whether the "unpackWARs" attribute in my Context element in
> "server.xml" would make it NOT unpack the WAR into the directory, but this
> seemed to have no effect.  I set this to "false", made sure the unpacked
> directory was gone, restarted Tomcat, and it unpacked the WAR again.
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