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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat corrupts file during download
Date Sat, 06 Apr 2002 06:28:35 GMT
> We have Standalone Tomcat 4.0 installed.
> When our server was directly connected to cable modem and had only one
> IP address X.X.X.X Tomcat worked fine. Problems appeared after we
> installed a new router. After router installation, the server got 2 IP
> addresses X.X.X.X (external, associated with the domain name) and
> Y.Y.Y.Y (LAN address). To locate the source of the problem we used a
> 100Mb zip archive and download it using "http://server_ip/" URL.
> When we address Tomcat via internal address Y.Y.Y.Y, it works fine. The
> files are downloaded corrupted, if the Tomcat is addressed from the LAN
> via the external address X.X.X.X. The first supposition is that the
> files get corrupted by the router. We tried downloading that file at the
> same address via Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0, which is
> installed at port 81. The file was downloaded without any problems. We
> stopped Tomcat and ran Apache - the file was also downloaded without
> problems. Taking into account all said above, we decided that the
> problem is not in the router.
> Perhaps the problem is not completely in Tomcat, but the situation when
> in equal conditions IIS and Apache work fine and Tomcat creates problems
> speaks to itself.

If this problem indeed exists, then it is a JVM problem. Tomcat obviously
can't make a difference it is sending bytes on the LAN or on a WAN, and
doesn't do anything unusal when it comes to bytes output.
That being said, some people are actually using TC on the internet without
corruption or any problem, so I think even if you think it is not your
fault, it is a configuration issue on your side. I'm regularly closing bug
4668 for that reason.


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