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From "Keng Wong" <>
Subject mod_jk for Apache 2 and tomcat 4 on Linux finally compiled!
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 19:02:02 GMT
Dear all,
I managed to compile a version of for Apache 2 and
tomcat 4 on linux with some minor changes to the build scripts.
Version info:
- RHat Linux 6.2
- gcc 2.91.66
- Sun Java JDK 1.4
- Apache 2.0.34
- Tomcat 4.0.4-b2
- tomcat-connectors-4.0.4-b2 (native

Load balancing also works between W2K and Linux!

Here's what you need to do:
1. Download src, build & install Apache 2.0.35
2. set APACHE_HOME to the installation(runtime) directory
   Eg. Let's assume you install into /usr/local/apache2
   export APACHE_HOME=/usr/local/apache2
3. Download tomcat connector src and extract to any directory
   (make sure you copy the entire url)
   Eg. Let's assume you extract the zip into
3. Ensure JAVA_HOME is properly configured
4. cd /tmp/jakarta-tomcat-connectors...src/jk/native/apache-2.0
5. Edit and change the contents according to the
diff.txt attached. For those who fear looking at diff reports,
you may use the updated attached as well.
6. ./
   You may note some 'undefined reference to ...' errors - that's
   The script will ultimately use gcc and compile and
   to the <APACHE_HOME>/modules directory
7. Add the following to <APACHE_HOME>/conf/httpd.conf:
      Include conf/mod_jk.conf
8. Attached is my sample mod_jk.conf (with load balancing
9. Other files attached: (ajp13 load balancing to a W2K PC and Linux
   As for steps to config load balancing on tomcat, follow
instructions on tomcat's site. ONE OF the config changed in

   <Engine jvmRoute="tomcat1" name="Standalone"

   Other instructions are very clear at the site.

10. Startup tomcat then apache
11. Pray that it works :)

Good luck!

-keng wong

-keng wong

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