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Subject RE: How can I resolve this "IllegalStateException: Response has a lrea dy been committed" problem?
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2002 15:04:21 GMT

If you are getting any pages back from the server, then you are using the
response object!  You may not be manipulating it with an explicit reference to
it, but, when you have HTML or do an <% out.println("STUFF") %> or output a
JSP expression like <%= something %> in your JSP pages, you are using the
response object.  And the deal is you can't forward if you've already started
putting stuff in the response.

What you should probably look into, and what some people are hinting at here,
is using some sort of controller servlet that gets the request and then CALLS
(not forwards to) the appropriate "handler" or "action" class.  You can pass
the request object along to your "handler" class so that you can get stuff
from it or its session.  Then, when your handler method is finished, you
controller picks up immediately following its call to your handler.  This
allows you to have one very general controller servlet which can route the
requests to more specialized handlers or actions depending on some parameter
(command, action name) and can then handle forwarding to the appropriate new

You might want to take a look at the Struts framework, which does this for

Hope this helps.

                    03/08/02             Subject:     RE: How can I resolve this "IllegalStateException:
                    08:43 AM             has a lrea dy been committed" problem?          
                    respond to                                                           
                    "Tomcat Users                                                        

Don't think JSP is failing.  It's quite a simple JSP and has been looked at

Yes, I am setting session attributes in Create servlet, for use by

I am only using the session object and the request throughout my
application.  The only time I ever knew I was using the response object was
when I used response.sendRedirect(), but I don't use this anymore.  I use
the RequestDispatcher.

There are no <jsp:include> or <jsp:forward> tags being used anywhere, and my
servlets do not contribute anything to the response (apart from forwarding
it around).

Mark - your words of wisdom interest me.  I thought that... when I invoke
requestDispatcher.forward(), then control never returns (to the line
following this invocation).  So how do I go about "returning" to the Home
servlet from the "Create" servlet.  Surely I need to "forward", because the
session has changed?

I have a lot to learn here I think, but I feel I'm getting closer to the
holy grail - getting rid of this exception!

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From:           Attila Szegedi []
Sent:           08 March 2002 13:56
To:        Tomcat Users List
Subject:        Re: How can I resolve this "IllegalStateException: Response
has a lrea dy been committed" problem?

I guess you JSP is failing with an uncaught exception. At that point, Tomcat
would try to send a "500 Internal Server Error" response code, but it can't
since a "200 OK" status code has already been sent (that is, the output
committed) to the client.

Attila Szegedi

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Sent: 2002. március 8. 14:45
Subject: RE: How can I resolve this "IllegalStateException: Response has a
lrea dy been committed" problem?

> The exception seems to be occurring because the Home servlet forwards more
> than once (to different locations) - first to home.jsp, then later to the
> Create servlet.
> It is definitely the fact that it is forwarding to more than one place,
> is causing the problem.  I know this because if I call the Login servlet
> fail the login authorization - this servlet consequently forwards to
> login.jsp more than once (first - to display the fresh login page, and
> second - to prompt user to try again).  This however does not give me an
> exception.
> Given that my Home servlet is like the "central" servlet, it needs to be
> capable of forwarding to a variety of places, depending on the activity
> selected by the user.
> Ryan - I have looked at create.jsp and, as far as my little mind can see,
> does not play with the response object at all.  All it does is get a few
> session attributes and fit them into the page using <%= blablabla %>.
> that be a problem?
> This problem is not isolated to the "Create" example.  There are other
> activities the user can choose which all follow exactly the same
> mechanism (except to different servlets), and these give exactly the same
> exception.
> Lindsay

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