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From Adam Megacz <>
Subject version recommendation for apache+tomcat via jni?
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 23:24:23 GMT

Hi. I'm trying to set up Tomcat and apache using the jni connector,
but so far I've been unsuccessful.

I've read that only Apache 2.x can do JNI since earlier versions are
not thread-aware. Unfortunately, Tomcat 3.x doesn't have an Apache-2.x

Tomcat 4.x also doesn't have an Apache-2.x compatible mod_jk, but does
have an Apache-2.0 compatible mod_jk2. Unfortunately, when I tried
Tomcat 4.0.4-b1 with Apache 2.0.36, it caused to crash while
loading ("An unexpected exception has been detected in native code
outside the VM" in libc's strlen())...

Can anybody reccommend a fairly stable pair of Apache and Tomcat
versions that can communicate using JNI? I'd prefer versions that are
relitavely mature (ie non-beta) if that's possible.

I'm using Solaris right now, but I'd like to be able to use the same
configuration on Linux as well.


  - a

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