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From PSA <>
Subject Re: In jk_endpoint_t::service, get_reply failed in send loop 1
Date Sat, 30 Mar 2002 14:00:05 GMT
> Anything to keep the "Seattle Public Schools" off of .NET. ;-)

A recurring theme here in the shadow of the beast...

> This is probably less than helpful, but here goes:
> -- Most Solaris problems come from not installing the recommended O/S
> patches when installing the JVM (Sun takes the view: If my program 
> doesn't
> work, patch the kernal :).

As stated originally, all of the systems are completely up to date with 
the latest patches.  This includes the patches listed and provided with 
the JDK.

> -- Your log files suggest that Tomcat isn't properly starting up. (i.e.
> Ajp13Interceptor isn't starting).  This is usually a port conflict.  You
> should check the stderr and/or the tomcat.log (if the default Logger 
> goes
> there [not the out-of-box configuration]).

stderr is silent, as is the tomcat log.  Nothing unusual at all.  Tomcat 
does manage all of the initialization correctly, as evidenced by our own 
logging, and all of the servlets seem to be functioning all right for 
about the first 20 seconds after initialization is complete.  Then -- 
nothing, and a boatload of can't connect type errors in the jk connector 

> It is almost certaintaily something on the Tomcat side (likely, a config
> problem).  If you can post info on the Tomcat logs, then finding answers
> will be much easier.

There is nothing in the tomcat logs, which is why I didn't post them.  
It took me awhile to run through all of the logs and find that only this 
one logfile showed any errors.
I'm especially baffled that the other servlet jar works so well, without 
errors, and simply by adding a few servlets to the jar for the same 
context we have managed to lose apache/tomcat communication.  It seems 
like this shouldn't be possible.

I appreciate your effort to help.


>> WE have been using tomcat since 3.0 beta and very happy with it, but we
>> have a problem now with the connector mod_jk.  We have been using 3.3
>> but upgraded to 3.3.1 hoping to fix the problem (with no success).
>> After adding a new set of servlets to our (rather large) codebase we
>> swapped the jars holding the servlet code on each of our Sun Sparc
>> Solaris 7 servers and one Solaris * server.  On all servers (fully
>> patched and running the latest jdk1.3 from sun)  it went well except 
>> for
>> the one running Solaris 8 (everything else in the environment is
>> identical, though).  After taking a few requests from Apache (1.3.x)
>> tomcat stops responding and our jk.log fills up with these messages
>> within a few seconds.  If we switch back it works fine.
>> We can't find the source of the problem and were wondering if anyone
>> else recognizes this or knows anything that could help us.  The Solaris
>> 8 box is out of production until this is fixed.
>> Thanks for your help.
>> Paul
>> Unix System Admin/Webmaster
>> Seattle Public Schools

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