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From Brendan Colthurst <>
Subject multipart/form-data Binary File Upload Bug and Connector Culprits
Date Sat, 09 Mar 2002 18:39:19 GMT
Greetings Users and Developers,

I think I need to compile the latest mod_webapp connector to fix a
multipart/form-data binary File Upload bug 
with the tomcat/warp/apache connection.  (bug:

Summary of bug:  binary multipart/form-data file uploads get corrupted due
to a mod_webapp connector bug.

I'm currently using:
tomcat 4.0.1
apache 1.3.22
red hat linux 7.2
virtual hosting and multiple tomcat instances

0.  Is there an easier way to solve the problem (use another connector,
newer version of tomcat...)?
1.  Are there mod_webapp binaries available that include the fix for this bug?
(I assume not, so I'm trying to compile the source files:)
2.  Is it safe to assume that
contains a newer source version of

I assumed so, and tried to compile mod_webapp from the more recent file.

Can I assume that "" is the same as "configure"?
Because the
file says, in order to build mod_webapp, to run: 

    ./configure --with-apxs

but I only found a "" file.  I assumed I could run it just the
I ran into this problem: 

[root@www webapp]# ./ --with-apxs
./ dnl: command not found
./ dnl: command not found
./ dnl: command not found
./ dnl: command not found
./ line 5: syntax error near unexpected token `(c'
./ line 5: `dnl          Copyright (c) 1999-2001 The Apache
Software Foundation.'
[root@www webapp]#

If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it a lot.  My main goal is to get binary
file uploads working on my server, and the only 
thing I know for sure is that it's a tomcat/warp/apache problem (the
multipart parser work i'm using (com.oreilly.servlet.multipart) works like
a champ on older versions of tomcat and ajp).

Please pardon my perhaps naive questions.


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