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From Radim Kubacki <>
Subject Deploying WAR with explicit context declaration in server.xml
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 14:29:22 GMT
Hi all,

I have a problem that seems to be almost the same as

Automatic deployment of war files does not work properly

I try to deploy war file containing my application. This requires 
specifying of context in server.xml because I need to configure JDBC 
access through JNDI. Everything works for me when an application is 
expanded on disk but it fails when I want to use WAR file. I am not 
interested in fact whether it is expended or not. The problem is that 
Tomcat doesn't initialize the application properly. As the log shows the 
web.xml is not found and it means that it can't run correctly.

Either I don't understand Remy's suggestion how to make Tomcat unpacking 
it or this feature doesn't work. Remy: can you explain it better why it 
is not a bug?


2002-03-01 15:16:04 WebappLoader[/bookstore]: Deploying class 
repositories to work directory 
2002-03-01 15:16:04 StandardManager[/bookstore]: Seeding random number 
generator class
2002-03-01 15:16:04 StandardManager[/bookstore]: Seeding of random 
number generator has been completed
2002-03-01 15:16:04 ContextConfig[/bookstore]: Missing application 
web.xml, using defaults only
2002-03-01 15:16:04 StandardWrapper[/bookstore:default]: Loading 
container servlet default
2002-03-01 15:16:04 default: init
2002-03-01 15:16:04 StandardWrapper[/bookstore:invoker]: Loading 
container servlet invoker
2002-03-01 15:16:04 invoker: init
2002-03-01 15:16:04 jsp: init
2002-03-01 15:16:04 Internal Error: File /WEB-INF/web.xml not found

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