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From CAM <>
Subject Re: [Dim Question] Redirecting GET resource -> G ET /resource - Tomcat 4
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 14:00:03 GMT
Thanks for the reply Randy...

Randy Layman wrote:

> 	The HTTP Protocol says requests must be formatted as:
> GET /resource....
> and you are sending:
> GET http://server/....
> and you want to know if these should be reformatted before they get to
> Tomcat?  The should be reformatted before they are sent!  

This is, of course, what I mean.

>I would guess that
> your proxy can't deal with HTTP requests on non-standard ports.  Probably
> the only way to solve this without recoding the proxy would be to run Tomcat
> on port 80 (the standard).

The proxy seems quite robust about this and works when connecting to other sites 
on non-standard ports. (Its Tim Meadowcroft's HttpSniffer, about 1000 lines of 
densely packed perl and has been used as the basis for a few opensource http 
diagnostic projects)

> 	However, the question remains as to why you are even trying to use a
> proxy for this - Tomcat 4's filters give you a good opportunity to read and
> log all parts of the request.

This is good advice and probably the best course to take... The truth is that I 
am shamelessly looking for a quick fix to help me debug a webapp which is 
incidentally hosted on ApacheJserv - I thought that a quick verification of the 
proxy on Tomcat would allow me to get started - short cuts make long delays.

Its a bit of a long story and the end of an unproductive week...

Thanks for taking the time to reply,


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