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From Kevin HaleBoyes <>
Subject mod_webapp configuration question
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 14:55:39 GMT
In my httpd.conf file I've got:


        LoadModule webapp_module modules/
        WebAppConnection warpConnection warp
        NameVirtualHost *
        <VirtualHost *>
            WebAppInfo   /webapp-info
            WebAppDeploy mywebapp    warpConnection /
        #   WebAppDeploy manager     warpConnection /manager/
        </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *>
            WebAppInfo   /webapp-info
            WebAppDeploy mywebapp    warpConnection /        # this is line 1
        #   WebAppDeploy manager     warpConnection /manager/
            Alias /awstats /var/www/awstats
            <Directory /var/www/awstats>
                SetHandler perl-script
                PerlHandler Apache::Registry
                Options +ExecCGI

My server.xml files is unchanged from the Tomcat 4.0.3 distribution.

My mywebapp is deployed at and because of
the warp connection (labelled line 1) it is the home "page" for requests to and It works fine.

What I'm trying to configure is access to /awstats on the URL but
currently I get an error from Tomcat
    Apache Tomcat/4.0.3 - HTTP Status 404 - /awstats/

If I comment out line "1" in the virtual host
and restart the httpd/tomcat4 processes, I can then access

How can I have both awstats and mywebapp accessible in the virtual host?


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