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From "Ivan E. Markovic" <>
Subject Session not sticking after timeout
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 02:58:39 GMT
This is a problem I have been working on for the whole day with no luck! Help!

(1) I store Session info in Cookies (I'm using Tomcat 3.2.1).

(2) I set a short MaxInactiveInterval value (2 mins).

(3) I logon to my system, which creates a new session and stores the 
odd item in the session.

(4) I sit and let 2 mins pass and then attempt to interact with the system.

(5) As expected I get a null Session returned as it has timed out.

(6) I request a new Session and request the user logs on again. No problem.

(7) Once the user is logged on whatever they do next causes the 
system to return a null Session object, as though it had timed out 
again! But it hasn't.

I have been snooping the HTTP headers and the Session ID is correctly 
passed to Tomcat, but for some reason is not picked up inside the 
Servlet and so the Session is returned as null. But this behaviour is 
not consistent, it doesn't always fail! But it seems to most of the 

I have checked and tried everything and watched every byte sent back 
and forth. I suspect it might be an IE issue as it only appears to 
happen on IE. But it happens on OS 9, OS X and Win 2000 in a number 
of different versions. The system  works, it's just when you time out 
that you have problems and it keeps on bouncing you out.

I hope someone can help. Thank you for your time.

I v a n ...
Ivan Markovic
(+353) 87 2939256
(+353) 1 2982205

114 Lower Churchtown Rd,
Dublin 14,

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