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From john-paul delaney>
Subject NuB:javac:cannot resolve symbol
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 19:24:17 GMT

Hello List...

I'm trying to compile sample code from Jason Hunter's book 'About Servlet Programming' from

The code is for reusing database connections, and it refers to an external class which had
been created on a previous exercise.

Although the class from the previous exercise is within the same context directory (/WEB-INF/classes)
as the new class, when I try to compile the new class, I get an error:

"cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : class previous-class-name"

There is no specific reference to the location of the previous class within the code - so
I presume I have some mis-configuration on my setup.  I'm not sure what it is thoug?

Any help gratefully appreciated.



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